​© 2016 Shakti Kroopkin


Engagement with the practice of art making pushes the artist to question what it means to create. In this series, abstraction is defined by the celebration of an innate necessity to self-express. Parallels such as creation/destruction, expansion/contraction, confrontation/coalescence, find their place between the imagined and the actual to birth limitless possibility.

In transformative spontaneity, this work bridges Zen brush painting, abstract expressionism and street art. Boldly vulnerable gestures create a dynamic freedom of line and form. Spaces invite the viewer to explore, awaken associations and memory, and access creative thought. An impression of personality and human experience are denoted by the raw strokes of a primitively symbolic identity.

The material strategies, in Sumi ink and oil, of dripping, blowing ink, palette knife application, and subtractive etching create visual markers of the subconscious. Mood effects tonality as the complexity of emotion generates color.

The final work is an organic mystery of nature with an urban language. Visionary, abstract worlds reveal surrealistic beings and space through an intuitive process and personal storytelling.