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Axle Contemporary mobile gallery 2023

Unleashing abstractions on the Santa Fe community to create

intersections of curiosity and connection, Shakti Kroopkin harnesses the

energy of street art to fuel the momentum of her creative vision. Shakti’s

intuitive work frees itself from constraints of logic, gravity, and reality. By

allowing polarities to balance between the real and the imagined, Shakti

invites the viewer to explore emotion, memory, and the free association

of the creative process.

Kroopkin invents fantastical beings that act as guides, enabling the

viewer to further delve into the imaginary realm. Shakti’s work emerges

from the subconscious through raw strokes and primitive symbolism. In

this way, she intersects human experience with the unknown, waking a

connection to changing perspectives.


/Curiousity Building and Playfully INSPIRING/

WORLD of Surreal, Uninhibited Abstraction.

wander, rest, escape, invent, interpret, weave, and feel joy and silliness

The sensation of human connection through the simple experience of

sharing a moment of creativity and curiosity through this piece will expand the collective happiness of our town.


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